Lewicki Bazyli was born in 1920 in Średnia Wieś and he was educatcd at State School of Arboreal Industry in Jaworowo. He successfully passed an examination and as a journeyman of arboreal industry (on July 17th 1937.) he went back home where he opened his private sculptural workshop.

Many of his works we can find in a church in Hoczew. There are a Bethlehlem crib, two figures of  Christ Jesus and Mother Mary in a life size, made of oak wood, a relief of Mother Mary and a figure illustrated the Monanstery in Jasna Góra. The saint Joseph’s figure with a child,made of linden wood, we can see in a lateral altar in the church in Grabownica. A carving with a Heart of Mother Mary is placed in the church in Średnia Wieś. Christ Jesus on the cross decorates the church in Myczków.

Moreover he sculpled many souvenirs (small carvings) which showed works in a country, or in a garden. Unfortunately, those carvings we can not see, because they are in America, England and the most in Germany.

 Later he worked for 5 years at the Primary School in Średnia Wieś as a teacher and next he was employed at the State Arboreal School in Lesko as a teacher of profession.In 1966 he graduated Pedagogical Study and in 1969 he received a diploma. About Lewicki people say „gold hands”, an excellent workman and artist-craftsman who can paint, carve, and  tamper musical instruments. He makes also copies of well-known handicrafts, mainly for his aesthetic need.

Lewicki has got a Hawaiian guitar, which he made according to his own idea, and also a violin, which he once also made.

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