The San river it’s the longest river of the Bieszczady mountains and also in the Pogórze mountains. With its numerous sources the San reaches the altitude of 843 m of ascent over the sea level in the Przełęcz Użocka (853 m) and Opołonka (1028 m) – in the main Carpathians’ ridge. The San is 444 km long but in the Bieszczady mountains (from sources to Lesko) it has 150 km. The San and its tributary together carry annually about 5 mld cubic metres water to the Vistula river. A few hundred meters below the fonts of the San there is a state border between Poland and Ukraine. Over the left bank of San is located Średnia Wieś, in which until 1999 there existed a wooden bridge. In the biggest river of the Bieszczady mountains you can fish a mountain trout, and many other fish. There live also crabs what proves that the water of the San in nearby Średnia Wieś has got the first class of purity.
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