The school in Średnia Wieś an old school was built in 1886. It was founded by Plater-Zyberk, manor and fortune’s owner. After the Second World War there was 330 students but after the operation „The Vistula” only 50 left. A new school, which was picturesquly situated in the centre of village, was returned to use in 1974. There are classrooms, the teacher’s room, headmaster’s room, secretary office, technology classroom, library, retorer’s room, caretaker’s room, kitchen, beautiful gym and fitness club with modern equipment There are 13 highly experienced teachers. The school has 13 computers, which are connected to the Internet. Students of this school are from Średnia Wieś and surroundig villages: Bachlawa, Hoczew, Dziurdziów, Berezka, Wola Matiaszowa, Bereżnica Wyżna.

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