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Berezka in former times Bereska, at first is mentioned as Brzoska Wola in 1463 r. With passing years it has changed its names, owners and people. It has been erected on the Italian law in land property of the Bals from Hoczew. There was built a manor surrounded by the bastion fortification. Round about of this manor the Fredros’ family has built a landscape park. There are three natural places of interest: one pine and two oaks. The next owners of Berezka – the Żurawscy have built a stone Orthodox church, which exists until nowdays. Between wars in the village dominated greekcatholic population, but later a situation has changed. Part of inhabitans have emigrated to America, mainly for earnings. After the second world war the Ukrainian population of Berezka was resettled. On its place, in 1960s were transplanted people from Solina areas. In the village there is a Primary School where attend children from Berezka, Wola Matiaszowa and Bereźnica Wyżna. At present Berezka is an agricultural resort.

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