Hoczew it is one of the oldest settlement in the region. It is situated at the foot of the Grodzisko hill. The first known document with the name of a village comes from 1400 (it was a demarcation act between imperial and Terpiczów forests). The village was called „Oczew” and its owner was Rusin Jaczko. In 1427 Matiasz from Zboiska gave the beginnig of the Bals brood. In 1510 the Bals built here a wooden church. After, the new owners, the Fredros, gave the village a new name – Hoczew and built a manor. Jacek Fredro was born in Hoczew. In 1744 the Fredros and neighbouring gentry built a stone church, which exists today. From this period there comes also a stone beltry and vicarage. After the Fredros the Krasiccy came over. In 1945, during the fights with UPA (Ukrainian Insurrectional Army), the Fredros’ court, in which was also the police post, was completely burned. An old tavern (on the crossroods next to the old hungarian overpass) still exists in Hoczew. In Hoczew you can also visit the museum and the gallery founded by a famous painter and sculptor – Zdzisław Pękalski. There is also a primary school, a kindergarten, a public library and a post office.

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