A church in Hoczew a parochial Saint Anna’s church was mentioned in 1424.It was probably a small church, but in 1510 Nicolas Bal, a writer and a landlord from Sanok, built a bigger, wooden church. In 1562 it was changed onto the Protestant church. It was not Catholic until 1629. Then a stone church was erected in the second half of the XVIII century and consecreted in 1745. In 1845 a roof burnt and the next damages had place during the first world war. It was refited in 1920 and in 1955. It has got a one nave in a baroque style. Near the church in a fencing wall there are four chapels (the Bals’ and the Rylskies’chapel).Under the church there is a crypt in which there were buried the priests and the owners of Hoczew. In the treasury above presbytery there are mustered the old ornats, books, ensigns and another slight exhibits. During the floor refit there was also dug out the Matiash Ball’s plate, who died in 1576. The plate is in the church on a wall now.

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