A church in Średnia Wieś was erected in the second half of XVI century as a manor’s chapel. Katarzyna from Oraczewscy Balowa equipped this again in 1727. It was redecorated throughly since 1959 to 1968. A very big roof was made of shingles. In 1980s church was expanded. The oaks which surounded the church were cut down. The church is situated on a small hill by the road to Hoczew.

It is made of wood.The roof and outside walls are made of shingles. There are the chancel and one wider the rectangular nave inside the building. On a flat ceiling in chancel and the naves are paintings with clouds and rays surrounded by angels. Inside the walls are covered with polichromia. The chruch has got also a choir, on which there are music instruments. In the chruch there are three late-baroque altars from the XVIII century, which were established by Katarzyna Balowa constructed by people from Krosno.

The altars are decorated by angelic carvings with garlands and the figures of the saints. There is a paintig with the Virgin Mary and the Child giving Her an aplle in the main altar. In the left altar there is a painting of the saint Stanislaw the bishop and in the right – a paintig of saint Catherina. Among numerous historic works of art there are painting of the Virgin Mary and the Child on a throne from the XVIII century and the folk crucifix from the XIX century. They are worth of seen.

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